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A platform for experts, companies and activities involved in the trade, service and manufacture of motor vehicles, including most components, such as engines and bodies.

Great disruption is changing the whole automotive perspective. The deciding factors to buy a vehicle has many new options and million new considerations. Autonomous driving, Electrification, connectivity and the car pool services have already dominated the market demand.
Today middle east market is OEM driven where most of the brands have a set pre-notion in the minds of customers. With technology this however is continuously challenged by new players with customer centric business models. Automotive industry expert within the space are committed to advise, learn and guide current market on agility to compete, customer-centricity and new business models with added local know how.

Do you know global automotive industry size ?

23.36 Tr $

Global sale in retail in 2020

22.13 Tr $

Physical store sale in 2020.

4.13 Tr $

Online Retail sale in 2020

26.7 tr $

Global retail sales were projected to amount by 2022

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