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Over the years we have delivered successful engagements between corporates and have achieved pairing of like minded talent within their same industry. 

Our pool of industry expertise enhance your network on local, regional and international front.

Why Should you join CN platform?

Go Global

Our mission is to connect the world’s top professionals with the world’s best knowledge. Sharing knowledge across borders.CN is global knowledge connect platform . We connect you with insights from our huge network of experts and the pool of new experts we induct every day. 


Industry Knowledge Marketplace

Corporations, consultancies, investment firms and non-profits rely on insights to connect them efficiently and intelligently with experts across all industries and regions. We are helping them sharpen their thinking, make decisions and drive business forward.

Tech Innovations

We believe constant evolution is our most powerful competitive advantage. Get the pulse of the new innovations in your line of business or be a part of an innovative tribe with a propose to achieve new frontiers or get better result from a new approach to the ever changing market dynamics. Be by the side of the new tech innovations

Impact Mitigation

We believe the most meaningful impact requires patience, and a long-term, scalable vision. Stop fighting for upcoming challenges and changes in your industry alone. we will fight along with you as a community and work against any adverse effect of changes on your profile.

Trends & Opportunities

Relative to our larger peers, our technology-driven approach enables us to offer lower costs and higher quality matches. We generate many opportunities which otherwise are difficult to access with individual human efforts.


Fueling the next generation of businesses In terms of funding, we believe that market leadership requires deep courage and a leap of faith into new ideas, we stand by your new idea, by the pitch & as a partner arm in arm to get the needed efforts, team, facilitation or funding.

Social Intent

Unless someone like an expert cares, nothing is going to get better.CN Social Impact puts the wast knowledge marketplace to work helping solve the economy’s most urgent challenges, locally and collectively globally.


CN is a specialized engine to promote, match and place experts against probable opportunities depending on various equations. Recruiting should be viewed as business partner, someone who is critical to the success of the business. “Engagement has to be human, because people trust people more than brands.”


Networking Events

We have done more than 500 Events for peer to peer industrial networking within. Attending events at LAB13, you have the benefit of interacting with a variety of individuals with same background in your own field. Conversing with people in similar industry backgrounds can provide a refreshingly similar insight and help educate you on grey areas inside of yours that is relevant to you.

Past Record

39 +

Accelerator programs


Industry Specific Events


Corporate Participants 


Platform Trade deals 

We curate each industry talent to the next progression level.

Our Ai based platform is designed to understand human capital better and amplify its application to various possible permutation and combinations. 

CN is a participation platform which puts these inputs in practice through online meetings, on site seminars, networking events to bring value.

Applying multiple degrees of connections

Our Platform is capable of outlining 60% possible outcomes of an experts human capital. It identifies the various possible application of talents & connections, various diverse industry vertical demands and possible approaches to inter connect them.   

CN platform works on each individual accepted application