Future Jobs – Open ended & Platform Based

Its always good to imagine the end and have a full understanding on possible outcome. By looking at todays senario it is evident that the work and learning pattern of the future will be as remote as possible. People would love to interact digitally and would be happier with direct benefits rather than social and communal initiatives.

Considering a good option for both companies and employees, working from home will cut cost for the companies and will create multiple jobs to work  on for individual. One one hand it will create lot many entrepreneurs than today and on other hand it will help a business survive without having spend much on infrastructure and other setup expenses.

Customer will get accustom to dealing with multiple vendors for one solution and will have in-depth understanding of the products and services they are going to buy and will decide the margin they want to give to the supplier.

The major skill requirement of future jobs will be understanding of the platforms on which applications can be developed and results can be achieved.