Management Advisory opportunities

The market is going to take a reshape and will reinvent itself for the new reality after COVID 19, which has already become a game changing event in history. Many countries are predicting, more then half of their workforce will be out of jobs and it will result in change of their job profile, daily lifestyles, eating habits, social interactions and what not.

Now let have a pre understanding of the coming future. We that lot of people will be forced to move out from their current jobs, but if we look at there will be a big gap created with in companies by such actions and they will require someone to come and fill it, mostly because the firings are mostly happening at the management level.

It may be a period assignment but as per our assessment there will be lot of advisory roles available to guide companies through quarterly patches and projects.

In the longer run we should all treat it as a market correction where in we all have to settle down at something lesses then our pre Covid take home salaries and in most of the cases it will be half.

Looking at the brighter side we have now a clear understanding to living with the basics which has already cut our expenses to the lowest and it will be the same till the time we reach back again our same income levels as before Covid. So let us consider it as reset of system which is for good.